Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yes, I'm a Photographer, Too!

Now that I am in between books (but not for long) I have decided to focus a bit more on my photography for a couple of weeks. Actually, it is pretty much demanding that I do it, whether I want to or not!

I have devoted SO much of my time and mental energy into writing for the past two years, but my photography is really what's funding everything. And I'm not even trying that much. I keep finding myself, when out peddling my books, getting an art show instead.

This is what happened last week, when I went to one of our newest local merchants at the Woolley Market. They are located in Sedro Woolley, Wa and are SUCH a cool store. They focus on local, organic goods and the atmosphere is amazing. They are working on a co-op section, which I have been keeping an eye on as a possible point-of-sale for my books and cards. Well...I went in to speak with them about it, and when they saw my photography book, it opened up a conversation about showing my artwork in their new gallery area! They didn't have anyone lined up for February and asked if I was interested. My work has been up at United General for going on four months now so it is time to move on (as much as I have enjoyed having it there!).

This is a great opportunity for me to try and improve my merchandise and marketing. It also gives me a chance to spend more time planning for future marketing. Woolley Market has a country theme, with lots of rich woods, which is perfect for my landscape photography. I am going with that theme for my marketing, and I'm having fun with it! I am currently making a really cool, wooden sign, which I will share as soon as it's completed.

Today, I finishing my final edits for Whispering Pines and will have the ebook out by tomorrow! I am also going for a walk in this glorious sunshine (and maybe get some pics) and then working on preparing my photographs for my new venue at Woolley Market. What are your plans? Do you have a to-do list to make sure you are moving forward in whatever your dreams may be?

I'll leave you with my bestselling photograph, one I have shared before! This was taken at Flathead Lake in Montana. Gorgeous country!!!

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