Monday, November 28, 2016

#Fantasy Ebook #Giveaway!

My friend, author Kandi Wyatt, is hosting a cover reveal for book five in her series, Dragon Courage, and is also giving away a complete set! Check out the new cover, read a bit about the series, and be sure to enter the drawing for the giveaway!

Is there really a right way to braid leather? Ruskya doesn’t know anymore. Is it worth fighting over? Twenty-one winters ago, he was ready to take on the turquoise dragon rider, but now he fears facing his oldest son.

            Kyn, Ruskya’s youngling, wonders if he’s going crazy when an image begins haunting his dreams. Soon, he realizes it may be the key to helping not only Ruskya and his son Ardyn, but all younglings and their trainers as they adjust to growing up.

            Will Kyn be able to help Ruskya, Ardyn, and the other young riders? Follow your favorite characters from the exciting Dragon Courage series as they empower the next generation and give dragons to their posterity.


Even as a young girl, Kandi J Wyatt, had a knack for words. She loved to read them, even if it was on a shampoo bottle! By high school Kandi had learned to put words together on paper to create stories for those she loved. Nowadays, she writes for her kids, whether that's her own five or the hundreds of students she's been lucky to teach. When Kandi's not spinning words to create stories, she's using them to teach students about Spanish, life, and leadership.

Twitter and Instagram: @kandijwyatt

Enter for your chance to win the complete set!

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Friday, November 18, 2016


New Release

Only .99!!!

A Mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island

When Sam and Ally get a special Christmas invitation to Orcas Island, they have no idea that the small island has such big mysteries.

When their friend, Sandy, begs them to help her solve a troubling situation, they are drawn into a puzzle with layers of uncertainties. From secret meetings, to legendary ghosts, they explore the picturesque setting in an attempt to make sense of it all.

But in the middle of their plight, a storm of the century bears down on them. Not only do they end up battling the raging storm, but also a criminal plot. Stranded and alone, can the girls come together to overcome their most harrowing adventure yet?

Prefer a paperback? It makes the perfect Christmas gift!

Better yet, pick up the whole series! :)

Contact me here for special pricing for SIGNED, personalized copies. Only $35 for all six books, and $5.00 shipping (in the States) 

Save over 25% off the list price!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Distant Echo - A New Crime Series!

I have an announcement that I'm quite excited about! 

I've started a new crime thriller series, under the pen name Tara Meyers. As an introduction to this series, I have just released a short story, A Distant Echo. It's about 10,000 words, so an hour to an hour-and-a-half read.

This is a different theme than what I've written so far, under Tara Ellis. It's in the adult crime genre, so a bit more gritty than my kids and teen books! While still on the PG13 side, the situations are intense and not suitable for younger readers.

Check it out, and then sign up for the newsletter for your chance to win an advance copy of the first full length novel, Echoes of Fear, coming out January, 2017.

A Distant Echo

Criminal profiler, Chris Echo, has worked hard to become one of the elite members of Seattle's police department. Nothing, not even her personal life, gets in the way of her pursuits to track down ruthless killers. With a serial murderer on the loose, Chris struggles to find the connections necessary to close in on a suspect. While taking risks to force the answers, she unexpectedly places herself in the path of her worst nightmare.

A Distant Echo is a short story of around 10,000 words and takes the average reader one to one-and-a-half hours to read. It is a lead-in to a new, thrilling crime series called The Chris Echo Mysteries.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

A #FREE Scifi For You From a Friend!

by J. Philip Horne
is now available for free on InstaFreebie!


"The plot bolts off of page one like a racehorse out of the gate at Churchill Downs, and never really slows down"
"The world and magic tied together delightfully"

THE LODESTONE is the story of a boy caught between two worlds.
When twelve year old Jack Paris feels the small jaws of a creature that shouldn't exist clamp down on his leg, life as he knows it in Texas comes to a sudden end. An evil wizard from another world hunts him for unknown purposes and will stop at nothing to capture him. When Jack finally realizes why the wizard needs him, he learns that to live and love, you sometimes have to be willing to die.

You can check out the reviews on Amazon, then head over to InstaFreebie to get your free copy.