Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cozy Mystery Book Trailer

I know I haven't posted anything for a while, but I've been busy working on my new series! You Can Lead a Horse to Murder is now up for pre-order, with an official release date of March 12, 2018!

To help share it, I've created this fun book trailer

I'm still giving out ARC's (Advance Review Copies), if anyone is interested in reading/reviewing/sharing it for me!


There’s a killer in Sanctuary, and the prime suspect is a horse.

When spirited Ember Burns is led back home to open her own veterinary practice, her first client lands her in the middle of a mystery. It starts as a desire for Ember to clear her name, and turns into a personal entanglement in a rapidly unfolding story of lies and deceit.

The small mountain town of Sanctuary has always had its secrets. Who can be trusted? It’s been ten years since Ember lived there but roots run deep. Discerning friend from foe isn’t an easy task. Relying on her intelligence and instinct, Ember tries to piece the clues together as the town gears up for its centennial celebration.

From the quaint historic shops, to the rugged mountains surrounding them, Ember works to unveil the true culprit before they get away with murder.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Get 2 #BoxSets for less than 1 #NancyDrew #eBook!

(Comment below for your chance to win book #8, The Legend of Shadow Mountain!)

Yup! That's right. One Nancy Drew eBook costs $6.99. Box set 1 in The Samantha Wolf Mysteries is normally priced at only $5.99 and set 2 is on sale until 1/12/18 for .99! You can have SIX eBooks for an amazing price of $6.98. Then, if you STILL haven't had your mystery & adventure fix, you can go on to read books seven and eight, available now!!
(books can be read out of order)

An endearing series perfect for fans of Nancy Drew!

Whether you're craving a good, old-fashioned mystery or you're looking for a clean read for your child, this is the series for you!

Sam and Ally are two twelve-year-old girls growing up on the coast of the Pacific Northwest, in Washington State. While they encounter and battle all the normal preteen issues in today's world, they also manage to always find a good mystery to solve!

Unlike so many of the novels and series out there on the market, the Samantha Wolf Mysteries are clean, light-hearted tales that involve likable and realistic characters. Sam and Ally prove that you can be a good friend, have sibling rivalry, and family issues while at the same time being intelligent and kind. Not only that, but they use their uncanny intuition for trouble to help others, and have a good time while doing it!

Want more? How about book #8 for FREE? Just make a comment below, and I will randomly select winners to gift it to from Amazon. No strings attached. :)

Like mysteries? How about cozy mysteries? I'm launching a new, adult cozy mystery series (under my pen name, Tara Meyers) in March! If you would like to join my special street team, hop on over to the secret Facebook group, THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SANCTUARY, where you'll get special deals, giveaways, and an advanced review copy of the first book, You Can Lead a Horse to Murder. Please, only SERIOUS readers. I'm looking for a special group of people who are willing to read, give feedback, review, spread the word, and share this experience with!!!

Friday, December 29, 2017

FREE Young Adult Book!

For fans of Hunger Games, Divergent, The Host and The 5th Wave!

Love trilogies?
Longing for a good, epic dystopian?
Here ya go!
(and it's FREE)

(While book 1 of 3, it CAN be read as a stand-alone. NO cliff hangers!)

When a rare meteor shower unleashes a mind-altering infection, the people Alex loves begin to change. They're smarter, faster, emotionless, and they have a plan. One that doesn't include her.

Guided by cryptic clues left behind by her deceased father, Alex follows a trail of increasingly shocking discoveries. Earth's history isn't what she learned in school, and a new hive mind threatens to rewrite the future.

Alex is a fighter, but pursued by both friends and an unknown enemy, it will take everything she has to fulfill her destiny. Desperate to save her little brother, she flees to the mountains surrounding her home, where the only chance for humanity has lain hidden for thousands of years.

(Always free with Kindle Unlimited)


Saturday, December 9, 2017

TWO Free Books!


To kick off the days leading up to my favorite holiday, Christmas, I have made TWO of my ebooks free for a few days.

First, book #3 in The Samantha Wolf Mystery series, The Beach House Mystery!

What should be a quiet week at the beach turns into the most challenging mystery that Sam and Ally have uncovered yet. What's the truth behind the odd family renting the cabin next-door? Is the tale of a sea creature and haunted lighthouse just a myth? How does a missing girl, and suspicious boat tie into all of it? The girls can't solve this puzzle on their own, so they turn to their brothers for help.

Travel with them to the scenic Washington Coast and into the Olympic Rainforest, where the four have to work together to untangle the clues and fit the mysterious pieces together.

This is book #3, but can be read as a stand-alone.
Read it for FREE!!!

Always free with Kindle Unlimited


Getting Out Alive, The Noah Messenger Story

Book #3 in the True Stories of Survival series!

A true story...

A lethal fall from a remote cliff shattered the spine of eighteen-year-old Noah Messenger. Paralyzed and broken in what most would consider a hopeless situation, the next 48 hours would determine whether he'd make it out alive.

This short story is a true account of a young man's will to survive. Using only his arms, he dragged himself across a treacherous, secluded landscape for two days. When most would have given up, Noah persevered.

Find out what it takes to be a survivor.

Free with Kindle Unlimited

Thursday, November 16, 2017

New Scifi Release From Author Annie Douglass Lima

Take a look at this exciting new young adult action and adventure novel, The Student and the Slave, now available for purchase! This is the third book in the Krillonian Chronicles, after The Collar and the Cavvarach and The Gladiator and the Guard

The series is set in an alternate world that is very much like our own, with just a few major differences.  One is that slavery is legal there.  Slaves must wear metal collars that lock around their neck, making their enslaved status obvious to everyone. Another difference is the popularity of a martial art called cavvara shil.  It is fought with a cavvarach (rhymes with "have a rack"), a weapon similar to a sword but with a steel hook protruding from partway down its top edge.  Competitors can strike at each other with their feet as well as with the blades.  You win in one of two ways: disarming your opponent (hooking or knocking their cavvarach out of their hands) or pinning their shoulders to the mat for five seconds.

The Collar and the Cavvarach by Annie Douglass Lima
First, a Little Information about Books 1 and 2: 

Book 1: The Collar and the Cavvarach

Bensin, a teenage slave and martial artist, is desperate to see his little sister freed. But only victory in the Krillonian Empire's most prestigious tournament will allow him to secretly arrange for Ellie's escape. Dangerous people are closing in on her, however, and Bensin is running out of time. With his one hope fading quickly away, how can Bensin save Ellie from a life of slavery and abuse?

Click here to read chapter 1 of The Collar and the Cavvarach.
Click here to read about life in the Krillonian Empire, where the series is set.

The Gladiator and the Guard by Annie Douglass LimaBook 2: The Gladiator and the Guard

Bensin, a teenage slave and martial artist, is just one victory away from freedom. But after he is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he is condemned to the violent life and early death of a gladiator. While his loved ones seek desperately for a way to rescue him, Bensin struggles to stay alive and forge an identity in an environment designed to strip it from him. When he infuriates the authorities with his choices, he knows he is running out of time. Can he stand against the cruelty of the arena system and seize his freedom before that system crushes him?

Click here to read about life in the arena where Bensin and other gladiators are forced to live and train.

And now, The Student and the Slave, with another awesome cover by the talented Jack Lin!

Book 3: The Student and the Slave

Is this what freedom is supposed to be like? Desperate to provide for himself and his sister Ellie, Bensin searches fruitlessly for work like all the other former slaves in Tarnestra. He needs the money for an even more important purpose, though: to rescue Coach Steene, who sacrificed himself for Bensin’s freedom. When members of two rival street gangs express interest in Bensin’s martial arts skills, he realizes he may have a chance to save his father figure after all … at a cost.

Meanwhile, Steene struggles with his new life of slavery in far-away Neliria. Raymond, his young owner, seizes any opportunity to make his life miserable. But while Steene longs to escape and rejoin Bensin and Ellie, he starts to realize that Raymond needs him too. His choices will affect not only his own future, but that of everyone he cares about. Can he make the right ones … and live with the consequences?

Click here to order The Student and the Slave from Amazon for $2.99 a discounted price of just 99 cents through November 31st!

About the Author:
Annie Douglass Lima spent most of her childhood in Kenya and later graduated from Biola University in Southern California. She and her husband Floyd currently live in Taiwan, where she teaches fifth grade at Morrison Academy. She has been writing poetry, short stories, and novels since her childhood, and to date has published fifteen books (three YA action and adventure novels, four fantasies, a puppet script, six anthologies of her students’ poetry, and a Bible verse coloring and activity book). Besides writing, her hobbies include reading (especially fantasy and science fiction), scrapbooking, and international travel.

Connect with the Author Online:
Amazon Author Page:

Now, enter to win an Amazon gift card or a free digital copy of the first two books in the series!


Friday, November 10, 2017

#FREE Middle Grade #Mystery!

What could be better than hiking, swimming, and horseback riding? Having a mystery to solve, of course!

When Sam and Ally go off to summer camp together, they discover the secrets of Camp Whispering Pines. Set in the beautiful, rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the clues are slowly revealed and it's up to the two girls to figure it out.

New friendships are formed, while at the same time enemies lurk nearby. The closer they get to uncovering the truth behind the camp, the further they are pushed into danger and deceit. Can Sam and Alley put all of the pieces together before it's too late? Follow them on another thrilling tale filled with excitement and adventure, along misty, high mountain trails and deep ravines, where the answers wait to be found!

Pick up Book #2 in the Samantha Wolf Mystery Series for FREE!

I've made one of my favorites free for the next five days! Even if you haven't read any of the other books in the series, you can easily read this one without getting lost. Go with Sam & Ally to summer camp, nestled deep in the Cascade Mountains. There, they encounter all sorts of mystery and mishaps. And it wouldn't be a Washington camp story without a possible Bigfoot sighting!

FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

If you like box sets, you can enjoy these bundles at an amazing savings

Only 5.99/ea
3 for the cost of 2
Buy both and get 6 for the cost of 4!
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       Click HERE books 1-3                                             Click HERE books 4-6

Friday, September 15, 2017

Life changes and a FREE ebook!

This summer has been all about closing out chapters and starting a new one. Or, maybe I should say finishing one book and starting the next! After a lot of soul-searching, our home was put on the market and my husband moved back to his home state while I stayed here in Washington. My son was already away at college, and my daughter, after turning 18, has ventured out to be her own adult/person. So. Here I am.

Where, exactly is that? Well, at the moment, I'm sitting in my beach cottage on the shores of the Pacific Northwest, facing the glorious San Juan Islands. After owning my own home since I was 19, I am renting this gem for the next ten months. Finding myself? Maybe. Although, I think at my age I am already quite confident in who I am. It's more of a slow metamorphosis into singleness. ;) My goal is to eventually write full time, and I think this beach house is the perfect setting!

 This is literally my backyard (don't hate me)

This is why I've been lacking the past few months in both posts and publications. However, I plan on changing that! Starting with a free run for book #7 in the Samantha Wolf Mysteries!

The Case of the Curious Canine

The next best thing to owning your own dog is having a job where you get to take care of them. That's what Sam figures when she, Ally, and Cassy all volunteer at a local animal shelter. But they don't expect the trouble that comes along with the work.

When dogs start showing up at the shelter with odd symptoms, the director doesn't seem concerned. However, strange coincidences start to happen and Sam doesn't believe that they're random.

Confronted with the hard decision of following either her heart or her nose for a good mystery, Sam faces an emotional dilemma. Sometimes, the right path is the most difficult and this is one challenge that's going to take all of her friends to help solve.

Now, while this is book #7 in the series, it can absolutely be read as a stand-alone. If you would like to start with book #1, The Mystery of Hollow Inn, take a peek at my author page where you have a couple of options. (individual ebook @ 2.99 free w/Kindle Unlimited OR a box set)

Stay tuned for several announcements over the next month. I have some 'stuff' in the works that's pretty exciting!