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I currently have two series!

The Forgotten Origins Trilogy

An alien plague. A sixteen-year-old girl. A fight to save the world. 

The Forgotten Origins Trilogy is a fast-paced, young adult sci-fi story, centered around sixteen-year-old Alex. What starts as a rare meteor shower ends up unleashing a viral plague that changes everything. Led into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest by cryptic clues left from her deceased father, Alex discovers that the past is not what she learned in school. When the human race balances on the brink of extinction, the fate of the world rests on the truth being exposed. To unravel the ancient secrets, Alex must rely on her friends, family and few allies. The Forgotten Origins is an epic saga, drawing the reader into a fascinating, frightening world where the unfolding drama will keep you riveted until the last page is turned. 

The Forgotten Origins crosses many genres, including; science fiction, dystopian, fantasy, and supernatural. It is also a clean read!

Infected, the Shiners, Book #1

Heritage, Blood of Our Ancestors  Book #2

Descent, Into the Darkness  Book #3

The Samantha Wolf Mysteries

Whether you’re craving a good, old-fashioned mystery or you’re looking for a clean read for your child, this is the series for you!

Sam and Ally are two twelve-year-old girls growing up on the coast of the Pacific Northwest, in Washington State. While they encounter and battle all the normal pre-teen issues in today’s world, they also manage to always find a good mystery to solve! What’s even more endearing is how they do it.

Unlike so many of the novels and series out there on the market, The Samantha Wolf Mysteries are clean, light-hearted tales that involve likable, realistic characters. Sam and Ally prove that you can be a good friend, have sibling rivalry and family issues, while at the same time being intelligent and kind. Not only that, but they use their uncanny intuition for trouble to help others and have a good time while doing it!

The Mystery of Hollow Inn, Book #1

The Secret of Camp Whispering Pines, Book #2

The Beach House Mystery, Book #3

The Heiress of Covington Ranch, Book #4

The Haunting of Eagle Creek Middle School, Book #5

A Mysterious Christmas on Orcas Island  Book #6

The Case of the Curious Canine Book #7

Getting Out Alive, The Autumn Veatch Story

Now a #1 Amazon Best Selling short story, one-hour read, Biography!!

 true story...
A harrowing plane crash took the lives of two people and plunged sixteen-year-old Autumn Veatch into the middle of the rugged Cascade Mountains. Injured, alone, and lost, she defies all odds to make it out alive.

This short story is a true account of a brave young woman's survival. Not only did Autumn miraculously walk away from the crash, but she then hiked for nearly three days through some of the most unforgiving terrain in the country.
Find out what it takes to be a survivor.

Brand new release!

Echo of Fear

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