Friday, January 2, 2015

Last Chance to Vote

I mentioned several days ago, that Bloodline was in the running for top 50 Indie Books of the Year on a Indie book website. Today is the last day to vote, so I am going to post about it one more time. I don't like to go crazy over this kind of stuff (because lets face it: most people don't like reading about it!)

Here is the Link to cast your vote for Bloodline

You can vote up to THREE times! There isn't any requirement to register, but you can enter your email to be entered into a drawing to win the top ten books..but you don't have to!

[Bloodline is still on sale for 0.99 but today is the last day]


I hope that everyone had a very safe and fun New Years eve. OR...for those that can't think of anything better than getting to sit at home and just do nothing but relax, I hope you got that, too! My kids ended up having a few friends over and we hosted a little party. It was fun, and I managed to get a couple blisters from rocking out too hard on the drums during Guitar Hero. (HEY, don't judge. I can play most songs on expert!! ;)

Have I mentioned that I'm a bit accident prone? Well, I am. To give an example: my daughter got a compound bow for Christmas and my husband and I went to a local range to shoot it with her and get it set up. The only bows I've ever shot, are the kind you make out of sticks in the backyard (those never went very far. I also tried to set up a tight-rope to walk, but that's another story), so I was excited to try it out. My daughter is a natural...seriously. I can shoot a gun pretty good, and so I thought I'd be rather accurate too...I never really got much of a chance to find out. The second try, I slapped my forearm with the string hard enough to leave a wicked bruise from my wrist to elbow. (Katniss I am not) My advice? If you have an arm like mine, that twists a little when you extend it, either leave your elbow bent a little, or get an arm guard. Check. (and no, I didn't cry. Just hopped around a little bit)

***As I am sitting here, writing, our first snow of the year is finally falling outside. I have no doubt that it is melting as soon as it hits the ground and we won't have any accumulation, but I still like it!***

I decided yesterday, that this next year, I am going to focus more on face-to-face marketing. So the first thing I did was a search for any up-coming comic con or science fiction conventions in Seattle. I've never been into cosplay or a anything, but I really have always been a hard-core science fiction fan. I discovered a convention called Galacticon, and it's in Seattle at the end of July. It started out as a tribute to Battlestar Galactica, but has spread out to include the Star Trek Franchise, Firely and several others. I submitted an application for a vendor table to sell my books and got accepted! The guest lineup is very exciting (like the original Starbuck as well as numerous actors from the new series) I think it will be GOOD!  Link to Galactica website

The Emerald City comic con was already closed to registration :( as it is in March, but I got on a waiting list. I'm also going to continue giving my books out to local libraries but will start soliciting for books signings. I purchased a nice, new pop-up booth with the cool, zippered sides for street fairs. I have two or three this next year that I will do for sure (photography and books). Anyone have suggestions on other things I can do?

I am on chapter six now for my next middle grade mystery book: The Secret of Camp Whispering Pines. I am really liking this story! It's moving along well and I don't think I'll have any problems getting it out by the end of this month. (January)

I'll leave you with a picture I took a couple of years ago...some people don't get it, but it's one I refer to when I am in a creative mood.'s all about the small details. ;)

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