Saturday, July 2, 2016

Author Spotlight


Stephanie Adams

A world exists beyond our sight, just within reach. Evelyn, one of a select few with special gifts, is recruited to live in a community of the gifted who use their powers for profit. Evelyn finds herself wrapped up in a secret threatening to destroy the new home she has come to love or it could destroy the country that she calls home. In the battle between good and evil not everything is black and white, so how will she decide which path is right or wrong? Evelyn must uncover the truth and decide her own fate before it is too late.

A Sweet Western Romance 
Patience has all but given up on life after her husband's death until she finds a mysterious man, shot in the chest and unconscious. Gabriel, the handsome cowboy, shows her that life isn't over when you lose love; you just have to find it again. He ignites her passion for life, but will the dark secrets of his own past prevent them both from moving forward? 

Book reformatted after formatting errors during initial publication. If you received a copy of the novel with errors please contact author for another copy. The first edition did not have spaces between changes in point of view due to formatting issues.

Stephanie has loved reading and writing since she was very young. She wrote her first full length book by hand when she was 14 years old. When she was young, she didn’t get grounded from going places, she was grounded from reading.

A veteran of the armed forces, a licensed cosmetologist, biology and math teacher, and small business owner, she wears many hats. She has two beautiful children and a wonderful husband who support her when she just can’t get a story out of her head and has to sit down for many hours alone to write. Her goal is to continue sharing her heart with the world, through her books. Her greatest aspiration is to inspire young minds to create art of their own and inspire them to have the courage to share it with the world.

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