Monday, May 2, 2016

Descent, Into the Darkness

My designer, Mel at Melchelle Designs, has done it again! Look at this stunning cover she made for Descent! I always liked the old cover, but this one is really a winner. My daughter, Megan, is once again the gorgeous model.

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An ancient ruler returns to Earth, forcing those who remain to choose sides. Alex, prophesized to lead the resistance, is a reluctant pawn in a war without clear victors.

The Shiners are not only an enemy, but also an army of emotionless killers who wear the faces of loved ones. In this twisted landscape, it’s hard to know which side you should be fighting for.

Unsure of what she's become, Alex battles her own tormented emotions to find the truth. Can she rise above the darkness? Or will she ultimately descend into its cold embrace?

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Rather than make a new post, I'll just add the new cover for Heritage on here. I couldn't be any happier with how ALL of these new covers turned out. And did I mention that my beautiful daughter
is the model??!!

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AND,,,,, last, but certainly not least, the new cover for the box set!!

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