Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's My Birthday....Wait! How old am I?

Well....another year down.

As I often do when in need of something relaxing, I took advantage of a brief break from the rain yesterday and went for a walk. It allowed me to reflect back over this past year and hit on the highlights. I have a lot to be thankful for!

With my writing, I published three more books in my middle grade mystery series, and released another audiobook. I had plans for at least one more book and another audiobook, but life always tosses some things out there to slow you down! However, in spite of that, I'm really happy with how it's gone. I reached some other big goals, one of them being to run a campaign on the huge BookBub site! It catapulted The Mystery of Hollow Inn into the coveted 'Amazon Best Seller' status, and the whole series is still being carried a little by the wave it caused.

I had some amazing hiking trips this summer, and a somewhat spontaneous photography trip to Yosemite with a new friend I made at a local street fair! She is also a photographer, and it was an amazing time. Along those lines, I have had two great local shows with my canvas prints, and participated in a few street fairs where the feedback and interaction was simply worth more than anything I could sell.

I went to my first convention! Galacticon (in Seattle) was such a mix of experiences. It was overshadowed by some pretty bad moves on the head organizers, which almost caused a last-minute cancellation, but the true fans stepped up and pulled off a great event. I was SO lucky to be placed next to these guys, brothers, who really just made my weekend. We have continued to communicate via Facebook, and they (Tim and Mathew!) were the first to teach me how important (and fun) networking is. I had my first true random fan come running up to my table, excited to meet me, I met some actors from my favorite scifi shows and even had Richard Hatch sign Bloodline!!! (and we spoke to each other for over 15 mins!)

I had my first official book signing! It was Barnes and Noble in Bellingham, and again...I learned all about networking, and how as an author, it is essential. I met some truly amazing authors, including Graham Kerr!!! :)

The summer was warm, which meant it was good. :) I love the outdoors, and thrive in the sunshine. Hiking has become my new favorite outdoor activity and I plan on doing a whole lot more of it this coming year, even though I will be.......

Wait. HOW old am I????

Well....I was born in 71. But, since my birthday is a few days shy of the end of the year, it makes it a little confusing. I had to do some math to figure it out, because I honestly stopped keeping track after 25. We could just stay I'm 25. Right? Well, maybe not. How about 35? I might be able to pass for that still....;)  I'm really 44, so lots of good times still ahead!

Have a blessed 2016!!!

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