Thursday, April 9, 2015

What in the World Have I Been Blogging About?!! (and a cover reveal!)

I realized today that I passed the six-month anniversary of this blog a few days back! Time seriously really does fly by!

I also realized that during that time, I have had two new books come out, plus two audio books and then the box set. I'm set to release another one by the beginning of next month!

I'll jump right to it; I want to tell you about my books. WHY I started the blog in the first place. To be honest, I started it simply as another platform to get my stuff out there in this vast sea of ebooks...but it's turned into something more for me. Through my own surfing, in my plight to find my footing, I have discovered that I'm really not alone in this. I've learned that I need to network, read more (and review), collaborate with like-minded authors and just relax a little. I'm not there yet. But I'm working on it!

First, my young adult, sci-fi trilogy. Forgotten Origins. Bloodline is book # 1, and was first released on Booktango nearly two years ago. (HUGE mistake, btw. Don't use Booktango)

Sixteen-year-old Alex has always suspected her father’s death wasn’t random, but she never guessed how deep the mystery runs or what it involves. When a rare meteor shower is followed by a highly contagious infection, the people she once knew so well start acting like they have a similar purpose that doesn’t include her. Alex can now only rely on her friend Chris and loyal dog Baxter as she plunges into a strange, new world predestined since ancient times. Wandering the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, deciphering cryptic messages left by her father, desperately searching for a cure-will Alex have the courage and faith to even survive? 

Since discovering Amazon's KDP (ebooks) and Createspace (paperback) platforms, It's been better. I also found Goodreads, where I have campaigned for reviews, and also met some great people. (both readers and authors!) Bloodline has won a couple of awards: Indie Book of the Day Oct/14 and the top 50 best Indie books of the year for 2014. I have it entered in a couple of established contests right now, so wish me luck!  It has 4.5 stars on Amazon with 35 reviews.

I narrated and produced the audio book for Bloodline, at the urging of some other authors. Please, don't knock it until you at least listen to the sample! :)  It has 4.6 stars with 7 reviews:

Then there is Heritage, book #2 in The Forgotten Origins Trilogy. I think this a better book than Bloodline, but not everyone appreciates the intricate story line. If you are a scifi or dystopian'll enjoy it! 4.8 stars on Amazon with 10 reviews  (I'm working on the audio book!)

The third and final book, Descent,  is my absolute favorite. It's truly epic and this is where I really fell in love with the characters. I honestly think that if I can get enough people to read this, my series will take off. 5/5 stars on Amazon with 7 reviews.  (I'll be making the audio book for this one too, sometime this summer)

I have a GREAT way for you to review this without paying a cent. If you go to the BOX SET on Amazon, you get a 10% free preview. Since Bloodline is a bit shorter than both of the other books, you end up being able to read almost HALF of Bloodline in the sample. So check it out!

My other series is close to my heart. The Samantha Wolf Mysteries. It's a middle grade mystery series, with the same feel as Trixie Beldon or Nancy Drew. I liken it more to Trixie Beldon, just because of the 'atmosphere' of the stories. I have big plans for this series. They're so easy for me to write and the characters are really developing into believable, likable girls that I can think so many people (young and old) can relate to!

The first in the series is The Mystery of Hollow Inn. If you can believe it, I first wrote this story when I was sixteen! (most of it while in detention for being late too many times)  I shelved it after I finished it at twenty, but couldn't find a publisher. I've always cherished it, and pulled it back out in between Bloodline and Heritage for a 'break' from the heavy trilogy. I ended up totally re-writing it, changing the POV and adding a couple of chapters. The result is something I am very proud of.
4.4 stars with 8 reviews on Amazon

I also made this into an audio book! It's gotten some GREAT reviews. 

Twelve-year-old Samantha Wolf, and her best friend Ally, are excited to spend part of their summer break in the mountains of Montana. But unbeknownst to them, Hollow Inn is bathed in mystery and legend. After arriving, they soon discover that things are not going well for Sam's Aunt and Uncle, who own the Inn. There's vandalism, ghostly sightings, and rumors of lost treasures. Determined to help, Sam and Ally embark on a challenging journey to discover the truth. 

The second book in the series, The Secret of Camp Whispering Pines, came out a couple of months ago. This story is a bit longer, and takes the reader back to the days of summer camp and special friendships. I really like this one! I am in the middle of recording the audio book right now!
4.7 on Amazon with 3 reviews

Now, for the COVER REVEAL!!!!!  This is the third book in the series, and is titled; The Beach House Mystery. I plan on finishing it around the end of this month (April). It's got just about everything in it that a good mystery needs...but I will wait to tell you more about it when it's done! For now, I will just share the amazing cover , from Melchelle Designs, with you!

(Can't you just feel the wind and hear the waves crashing on the shore?? :)

That's it (so far) for my fiction titles. I plan on releasing two to three more in the mystery series this year, as well as possibly an adult thriller. If I have time, there's a very good chance I might revisit Forgotten Origins and write some novelettes!

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