Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TIME [a poem]

Today, I'm doing something a little different. I have a poem to share.

I haven't written one in quite sometime, but I was compelled this morning to put my thoughts into words and sometimes poetry is the best way to communicate that.

Yesterday, there was a horrific accident not far from here. There was work being done on an overpass, and a cement barrier fell and landed on the cab of a truck, instantly killing the people inside. It turned out to be a young couple and their 8 month old baby. They were both youth pastors and amazing people. They have ties locally and many knew them or of them.

I spent some time reading this young woman's amazing blog last night (and crying)...and it made me realize something: Our most precious gift to each other is our time. It's how we SHOW someone we love them...by being there for them, by giving of ourselves freely without expecting a return.



“To love one another,”...we are told,
Is the key to happiness, for both young and old.

But how do we do that? What does it take?
What special formula does happiness make?

Do we show love through stalking, or buying or sex?
Maybe obsessively sending them texts.

This art of love is really quite simple,
And has nothing to do with societies temples.

It’s free, it’s within us, and easy to give,
But it’s masked by the layers of having to live.

Running to work, the TV, and computer,
All of these things have become our ruler.

The little one tugging the hem of your sleeve,
Is brushed aside constantly, until they just leave.

The machine on your lap has all your attention,
There’s no room for children to force intervention.

But they are the ones, who are helping you find,
How to laugh, how to play, how to give them your TIME.

How do you show someone that you care?
By giving yourself, and just being there!

It’s a precious commodity, and without a price,

It's the gift we should treasure the most in this life.

-Tara Ellis
(taken from my backyard two days ago)

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