Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4th, 2014

The rain has set in this past week and seems determined to stick around. Last night was too windy for me to get any recording on my audiobook (Bloodline) done. However, I have only six chapters to go! I seem to be on target for my end of November release date. I still have a TON of editing/mastering to do of the audio files, but at least I can accomplish that pretty much anywhere, any time. Once I get closer to completion, I'll provide a link for any readers to take a sneak 'listen' to a sample audio of it.

My artwork has been up at United General Hospital for just over three months now, and I consider it a great success! I have sold over twenty pieces during this time. I am going to be offering a sale this next week, since I will be taking it down soon and also because Christmas is coming up! *hint, hint*

The following picture has been, by far, my most popular. It was taken in Blue Bay, at Flahead Lake in Montana. This is a favorite spot of mine, and holds a ton of great, family memories. I was standing in about two feet of water when I took this, and YES, the water really IS that clear, and the rocks that colorful!

For those that are not local to me, I also offer my work through either direct sales (contact me at taraellisphotography@gmail.com), or if you prefer, through my website at FineArt. This is a complete service, with great ways to view the pieces in different formats and then purchase/ship direct from them. They use all high-quality material. Artwork

I've also recently outlined the next three stories in my kids mystery series, so I expect to remain busy in the coming months!

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