Thursday, October 8, 2015

Descent is on Sale for only 0.99!!!

Do you love to read Young Adult novels, or know someone that does? I know how hard it is to pick and chose from the thousands of options out there, so I've enrolled the third book in my trilogy, Descent, in a Kindle Countdown promotion. For the next week (10/8-10/15) it will be on sale for only 0.99!!!  (ALL my books are FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited!!!!)

Please share this post/link with any book lovers that you know, and help spread the word!

Sides are chosen when an ancient ruler returns to claim Earth as his prize and war ensues. A reluctant pawn, Alex is recruited to lead the resistance. Although her friends and family fight beside her, she struggles to find the strength to fulfill her destiny. Unsure of what she’s become, Alex battles her own tormented emotions to find the truth. Can she rise above the darkness? Or will she ultimately descend into its cold embrace? 

Descent is Book Three in the Forgotten Origins Trilogy 

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